World's Most Efficient Power Supply

    The Data Center Energy Crisis Solution


 Verde has invented a non-switching power supply that delivers electricity to a device only when it is needed.....truly "Power on Demand."  There is:

          No Wasted energy

          No Heat

          No Fan

It saves over 70% of the energy used by an "80 Plus" power supply.

The Verde power solution form factor is identical to current power supplies currently used in the field. There is no re-engineering required for servers, switches, and storage devices....just swap out the old power supply with our solution to begin your energy savings.

Our solution uses patented magnetic field theory techniques to achieve these breakthrough results.

The energy savings occurs over the entire load range: from 0% to 100%.

Qualifies for energy rebates from utilities.

Costs about the same as current power supplies, the premium is recovered in a few months.

Pre-commercial units will be available later this year.